I'm a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley in the Graduate School of Education, due to file my dissertation entitled "Drumball: Digital drum talk as a medium to promote multimodal literacy and socio-emotional development of children" in December 2020. I'm advised by Jabari Mahiri and currently conduct independent research on early literacy at the Urban Griot Playground, focused on the design of a tangible rhythm-mediated interface (the Drumball) and the development of an interactive drum-based language learning web game app. I received my Masters in Information Management and System from the iSchool in 2009 and previously earned a Masters in Humanities from the University of Chicago (2003).

As an educational technologist, I am very much interested in how individual and community and technology development efforts in schools or community-based programs are impacted by the kind of cultural knowledge and tools available in the environment and the types of processes/structures that are put in place to help people create new meaning and possibilities for knowing and sharing knowledge. As a researcher in drummologie, I am investigating how a drum-based pedagogy could empower young learners through culturally-grounded approaches, strategies and tools operationalized in the environment to build community and support teaching and learning.

My long-term career aspirations beyond the doctoral degree are to contribute to the transformation of educational policy, teaching and leadership praxis, both in-school and out-of-school, by applying my skills as an artist, leader, researcher, educator and technologist. In my view, the goal of education should be aimed at transforming society by developing learners into leaders who will work together to address our future's greatest challenges.



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