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ORCID 0000-0002-9359-3188

Updated May 6, 2024


2011-2020        University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Education
PhD in Education (Specialization: Literacy, Language & Culture)

Dissertation: “Drumball: Digital drum talk as a medium to promote multimodal
literacy and socio-emotional development of children.”
    Advisors: Jabari Mahiri (Chair), Kris Gutierrez, Marti Hearst

2007-2009         Masters of Information Management & Systems (MIMS), UC Berkeley School of Information

2002-2003         Masters of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH), University of Chicago.
Concentration: Philosophy of Religion (Creative Thesis)

1996-2000         Bachelors of Arts, Ohio Wesleyan University

Majors: Computer Science and Economics Management

Minors: Mathematics and Spanish


2022 – Present: Northeastern University College of Arts Media & Design
        Assistant Professor
       Departments of Music & Art+Design

Previous Employment

2021-2022: Future Faculty Fellow, Northeastern University ADVANCE Postdoctoral Fellowship

2020-2022: Learning Analytics Platform Developer, UC Berkeley 21CSLA (Dr. Cheung)

2019-2020: Educational Leadership Researcher, UC Berkeley PLI (Dr. Cheung)

2018-19: Faculty First Look Fellow, NYU Steinhardt (Center for Faculty Advancement)

2017-18: Visiting Scholar, MIT/SHASS Dean’s Predoctoral Fellowship CMSW (Dr. Montfort)

Strategist & Practitioner, UC Berkeley RJ Center (Dr. Shackford-Bradley)

Early Literacy Assessor, Kenneth Rainin Foundation

STEAM Instructor, UC Berkeley Upward Bound Trio Programs

Researcher, UC Berkeley College & Career Academy Support Network (Dr. Stern)

STEAM Instructor & Curriculum Developer, Level Playing Field Institute SMASH:Prep

Academic Tutor, UC Berkeley Athletic Study Center (Dr. Van Rheenen)

Researcher, UC Berkeley Space2Cr8 (Dr. Glynda Hull)

Researcher, UC Berkeley Berkeley Prosopography Services (Dr. Veldhuis & Dr. Pearce)

Director of Instructional Technology, UC Berkeley TEACH Project (Dr. Mahiri)

Researcher, Lawrence National Lab Berkeley Water Center (Dr. Bargmeyer)

Educational Technology/Curriculum Development Consultant, National Louis U.

Instructor & Curriculum Designer, U. of Chicago Digital Youth Network (Dr. Pinkard)

Full-Time Instructor, Harold Washington College Department of Humanities

Adjunct Instructor, Prairie State Community College Department of Philosophy

Technology Management Consultant, Shiman Associates Brookline, MA

Internet Strategy Analyst, CMGI Andover, MA

Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity


Reviewed articles

* Tchetgen, PV. (2024). “Urban Griots Playground: A Culturally-Grounded Approach to Gamifying Early Literacy Learning through African Drumming”. (currently under review)

* Tchetgen, PV.,
Adjandeh, EA. (2024). “Gamifying Early Literacy Learning through African Drumming: A Design Challenge”. EduCHI Conference. (currently under review)

* Tchetgen, PV. (2019). DRUMBALL: Multimodal Meaning Production through Digital Drum Talk. ACM Creativity & Cognition 2019 Conference Proceedings. San Diego.                

* Tchetgen, PV. (2017). Design and Implementation of a Digital Orality Hypermedia System. ACM Creativity & Cognition 2017 Conference Proceedings. Singapore.

* Binstock E, Tchetgen, P. (2006). Media/Arts/Critical Literacy Curriculum: Learning and Teaching in the Jail School Paper Presentation: Engaging and Educating Learners with Media - American Educational Research Association (AERA) - Chicago, IL.

Non-Reviewed articles

* Tchetgen, PV., Cheung, R. (April 2020). Designing Transformation Learning to Prepare Social Justice Leaders. Principal Leadership Institute Impact Report.

* Cheung, R., Tchetgen, PV. (March 2020)
Laying the Foundation (LtF): A Framework for Integrating Performative Modalities in Social Justice School Leadership Programs


* Urban Griots: Towards a Theory of Digital Orality
(Work in preparation – MIT Press)

Creative Activity

1. Publication

* kwe, Dirges of Becoming, Boston, MA: Afro Roots Hop Press 2010

* Tchetgen, P. (2003) The Wind. Contrary Magazine. Chicago, IL.

Online journal
* Tchetgen, P. (2018). Alpha Riddims. Taper #1 (online journal). Cambridge, MA.

2. Presentation

Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations

* Texas Music Educators Association Convention (February 2023)
Clinic Title:
 “A Culturally Grounded Embodied Approach to Literacy”

* Haptic and Audio Interaction Design. Queen Mary Center for Digital Music (August 2022)
 title: “Rhythm-based haptic interaction to support embodied literacy learning”   

* Demo Session. ACM Creativity & Cognition Conference (June 2019)
Demo title:
“DRUMBALL: Multimodal Meaning Production through Digital Drum Talk”

* RILE Conference 2018. Stanford Graduate School of Education (October 2018)
Poster title:
“Embodying Literacy: Rhythms of Learning through Digital Drum Talk”

* American Educational Research Association. (April 2006)
Presentation title: “
Media/Arts/Critical Literacy Curriculum: Learning and Teaching in the Jail School”

* 7th International Conference of the Learning Sciences. Indiana University (June 2006)
Poster title:
“Digital Youth Afterschool Program” with R. Benjamin Shapiro and Karla Thomas

Invited Talks & Panels

* 2023-2024 Humanities Center Fellow Works-In-Progress Presentation: “Digital Talking Drums: Towards a Theory of Digital Orality” (Nov 2023)

* Symposium Panel @ Celebrating Professor Emeritus David Lock: A Convocation on “Challenges & Prospects in University African Music Ensemble Performance” 

* 3rd Pan African Heritage Museum International Conference (July 2023).

Talk Title: “Talking Drums: Diaspora, Hybridity, Technology”

* 2023 Workplace Innovation Summit. Design Museum Everywhere. Northeastern (March 2023)

* Cambridge STEAM Initiative. Cambridge Public Library (November 2022)

* Center for the Ecology of Early Development Speaker Series. Boston University (October 2022)

* Society for Music Perception and Cognition conference, Portland, OR (August 2022 – declined)

* Language, Literacy & Culture Department Community Night. UMass Amherst (October 2021)

* Leading Voices. Department of Music. Northeastern University (October 2021)

* Mini-Research Symposium. UC Berkeley GSE. Principal Leadership Institute (April 2020)

* Grad Slam Competition. UC Berkeley (April 2019)

* International Multicultural Education Course. University of San Francisco. (September 2018)

* Graduate Student Symposium. Creativity & Cognition Conference (July 2017)

* Education Research Day. UC Berkeley GSE (March 2015)

* HART Initiative symposium. UC Berkeley iSchool (April 2009)

Conference Organization

Center for Design Conversation. Re-imagining co-design: Leveraging culture, rhythm and embodiment.  Co-Host with Jalene Tamerat. (December 2023)

Graduate Wellness Forum. Organizer. UC Berkeley (2016/2018)

Bridging the Gap Conference. Organizer. UC Berkeley (2007/2009)

Peer Reviewing


Professional Memberships

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)
American Educational Research Association (AERA)
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Sound Exchange

3. Performance

Music Festivals                         

2022: Unity through Music @ Multicultural Arts Center of Cambridge

2017: Unity through Music Festival (Mt Shasta, CA) @ Shastice Park – Live with Rastfm

2016: Unity through Music Festival (Weed, CA) @ Bel-Air Park – Live with Gilead Balm

2016: Reggae on the River Festival (Garberville, CA) – Live with Cloud 9 Collective

2011: 4/20 Black Birds Festival (Weed, CA) – Live with Trinity Heritage Collective

2009: Reggae on the River (Garberville, CA) – After-Hour Stage hosted by Rhythm/DJ Jacques

2007: Summer Words Festival (Aspen, CO) – Spoken Word with Habib Koite @ The Belly Up

2006: Looptopia (Chicago, IL) – Afro Roots Hop performance at Harold Washington College

2001: Ohio Wesleyan University Spring Fest (Delaware, OH) - opening for Das EFX

1998: Celebracion ’98 (Guiria, Venezuela) – Organizer working with Casa de Cultura

1996-2000: Rafiki Wa Afrika (Delaware, OH) – Cultural Festival at Ohio Wesleyan University

Concert Venues                        

September 2023: KWE Poetry feature at the Lizard Lounge with the Blake Newman Trio

March 2023: Music Is Healing @ The Jungle. The Akwerian Project alongside FM Collective

March 2023: Music Is Healing @ Steelcase. Workplace Innovation Summit Opening Reception

January 2023: Akwerius Live w/ Dis-N-Dat Band. Reggae Takeova @ Bill’s Bar

November 2022: Positivity Tour with Dis-N-Dat Band

November 2022: Music Is Healing @ The Jungle. The Akwerian Project & FM Collective

September 2022: Word. Sound. Life. Labor Day Concert @ The Jungle. The Akwerian Project

May 2022: ‘Buffalo: In Tribute and Solidarity’ alongside Buffalo Poet Laureate Jilian Hanesworth and Vocalist Drea D'Nur. Center for Law, Equity & Race (Northeastern University)

April 2022: Akwerius Live with Mad Professor at Bill’s Bar

2018: Lizard Lounge (Boston, MA) - Featured Poet with Jeff Robinson Trio

2014: Music Is Healing Tour (Boston, MA) - Democracy Center with Wreckshop Movement

2013: Music Is Healing (Mt Shasta, CA) - Live Music with Djin Aquarian & Saint Germain

2013: Hip Hop Speaks from Heaven (Berkeley, CA) – Freestyle Performance with KRS-ONE

2011: Ashkenaz (Berkeley, CA) – Live Performance with Inner Standing Sound

2009: The Stage Door (Mt Shasta, CA) – Poetry reading with the Akwerian Project

2008: Blue Café (Long Beach, CA) – Live with J-Ross Parelli, Ras Tree & KRS-ONE

2007: Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago, IL) – Live Performance with Digital Youth Network

2006: African Liberation Day (Chicago, IL) – Live Performance with The Afromerican Project

2004: The Hothouse (Chicago, IL) – Word. Sound. Life. w/ David Boykin & DJ Papa G

2003: University of Chicago (Chicago, IL) – Hip Hop Performance with Storm Before the Calm

4. Multimodal Production

* Still Talkin’ (April 2024). Panel discussion on “Hip Hop History and the Path towards the Future” hosted by Nomadik, featuring Daddy-O (Stetsasonic) & DJ Tony Tone (Cold Crush)
Music Is Healing Livestream (Dec 2023). Panel on Hip Hop @ 50 co-hosted by Fall 2023 MUSC 3401 students featuring DJ Nomadik, Dart Adams, Illin’ P, Bala, Trisano and Hycin Jo

* Akwerius (Mar 2023). The Akwerian Project. Live. EP release. Published by Music Is Healing.

* Akwerius (Feb 2023). Tell Dem. Single published by Dis-N-Dat productions featuring Sista D
* Akwerius (Feb 2023). Hail His Majesty (Lyric Video). Single from the Bright Side album.
* Akwerius (May 2022). His Name. Single from the Bright Side album featuring Junior Toots.
* Akwerius (2020). Amen Ra (Lyric Video). Single release from the Bright Side album.
* Akwerius (2020). Resist (Lyric Video). Single from the Bright Side album feat. Cordelia Moye.
* Akwerius (2019). Song of Ascents (Music Video). First single from the Bright Side album.
* Word. Sound. Life. Wellness Forum (Conference). UC Berkeley.
* Akwerius (2018). Babylon I'm Leavin' (Music Video). Music by 7th Haus.

* Music is Healing (2018). Live Radio Broadcast (2 episodes). WMBR 88.1FM Cambridge.
* Word. Sound. Life. (2018). Live in Studio (2 episodes). Cambridge Community Television.
* Word. Sound. Life. (2017) – The Wellness Guide (Podcast/Zine).
* Word. Sound. Life. (2016). Creativity Camp. Berkeley Community Media.
* Word. Sound. Life. (2014). Re:turn to the Healing Grounds. (Poetry/Fantasy Short Film).
* Akwerius (2013). Morning Star (Music Video). Music by Circadian Riddims
* Akwerius (2012). Everything. Music by kwe.
* kwe, (2011). Dawn. Soundtrack to Dirges of Becoming (Audio CD). Afro Roots Hop Press.
* Akwerius (2011). Horizon. Music by Akwerius/Circadian Riddims.
* Akwerius (2011). Mr Prezident (Music Video). Produced by Cuzmoses.
* Manilla, B., Tchetgen, P., Davila, V., Filucci, S., Sherr, I., Palta, R., Samba, A., Geiger, K., Pickoff-White, L., Palta, R. (2008). Taboo Topics. North Gate Radio. KALX 90.7FM Berkeley.

5. Projects

Provisional Patent Application
 #63106778, Drumball - apparatus, hybrid device for composition (writing/music), method of transducing rhythm to/from text and speech, process of communication and self-expression (Filed 10/28/2020)

Selected Projects

2017-present: Word. Sound. Life. Wellness Forum - a series of transformative convergences that bring together speakers, artists, scholars, practitioners and educators across various media and disciplines to build a movement to develop and share strategies and tools for sustainable community building around the four pillars of wellness (Mind, Body, Community, Spirit).

2022-present: Music Is Healing Creative Hub - a space where artists, performers & mediamakers innovate, collaborate and cross-pollinate to advance Unity through Music (online community)

2016-present: Ambassador, Unity through Music (music and healing arts community festival).

2016: Instructor, Creativity Camp. 2-week workshop offering voice, stage and media training to youth learning skills and producing content under the guidance of college student-mentors

2014-present: Music Is Healing. Founding director of artist collective providing learning experiences in creativity/wellness/mindfulness and opportunities for beginners/professionals to present works in progress in an intimate atmosphere, and participate in group productions and/or performances (Wordplay open mic, Rhythm N Da Park, Open House, Instrument Petting Zoo).

2008: Story Swap, Aspen Writers Foundation. 4-week collaboration project to work with educators and artists to develop communication media partnerships between students in Oakland, CA and Aspen, CO.

2000-2002: Urban Griots Open Mic. Weekly community poetry reading and drum circle hosted by grassroots organizing collective RECONSTRUCTION. Co-host, resident percussionist.

2003: Nia Project. Designed and implemented a week-long Community Technology workshop held at the Penn Center (St Helena, SC) with youth organizers, educators and student leaders from Tufts & Harvard

1998: Duarte Vivas Asociados internship in Guiria, building web infrastructure of the port and volunteering in the community teaching English and Computer Literacy class. Organized the Celebracion ’98 festival.

1996-2000: Economic and Cultural Humanitarian Organization. Hosted annual Ricebowl Day at Ohio Wesleyan University to raise awareness on global hunger and homelessness. Participated in the Cropwalk food drive for local shelters and food pantries. Raised funds to support the building of a school in Ghana.

Grant Support                



* UC Berkeley Leadership Programs. Department of Education. 21
st Century California School Leadership Academy State Center. 2019-20. $9,130,353.24. Role: Collaborator (PI: Rebecca Cheung)

* Clarence E. Heller Foundation. Laying the Foundation. UC Berkeley Principal Leadership Institute. 2018-20. $59,958.36. Role: Collaborator - developer (PI: Rebecca Cheung)

* After School Matters. Voices Camp Summer Apprenticeship. 2006. $20,000. Role: Director

* MacArthur Foundation Digital Media Learning Initiative. Digital Youth Network. 2005-07. $1,000,000. Role: Collaborator – instruction/curriculum design (PI: Nichole Pinkard)


* NIH PAR-24-168 Feasibility Trials of the NIH Music-based Interventions Toolkit for Brain Disorders of Aging (R34 Clinical Trial Required). Role: Co-PI.(PIs: Aaron Seitz/Susanne Jaegi). Notification Date: 8/7/23. $450,000.

* Sasaki Foundation Community Grant. Leveraging the communicative, social and health benefits of drumming in early childhood. $15,000. Role: PI. Submitted 5/1/24.

Not Accepted

* NSF. DRL-AISL. Co-Designing Culturally Grounded Ecologies to Promote Preschool Children's Informal STEAM Learning. $1,935,368. Role: Co-PI. Submitted 1/11/23.

* Cambridge Arts Council, Dinosaur Annex. Role: Collaborator. (PI: Hubert Ho). Submitted 10/22.

* NSF. DRL-AISL. Co-Designing Culturally mGrounded Technologies to Promote Preschool Childrens Multimodal Literacy and Socio-emotional Learning through Digital Drum Talk. $1,016,772. Submitted 1/18/22. Role: PI. Not accepted – encouraged to resubmit.         



* CAMD Seed Grant. Urban Griots Playground Pilot Study. $10,000. Role: PI. Awarded 6/2/23.

* Center for Technology, Society & Policy. UC Berkeley School of Information. Leveraging the Communicative, Social and Health Benefits of Drumming in Early Childhood. 2021. $5,000. Role: Team leader

* Word. Sound. Life. @ Cal (student organization). Role: Founding Director. 2014-17. Raised over $5,000 in donations/internal grants, including Townsend Center for Humanities @ UCB.

Not Accepted

* Mentored TIER 1 Grant. Urban Griots Playground: A Culturally Grounded Framework for Integrating Embodied Modalities of Rhythm in Early Literacy Learning. $50,000. Role: Co-PI. Submitted 1/18/24.

* Impact Accelerator Grant. New Urban Creativities Infrastructure. Role: Collaborator (Co-PIs: Kris Manjapra and Uta Poiger). $5,000,000. Submitted 3/23.

Teaching and Advising

Undergraduate Level

* Fall 2023: Hip Hop in the Music Industry (Northeastern CAMD - 15 students)
Spring 2023: Experience Design 2 (Northeastern – 5 students)
Fall 2022: Experience Design 1 (Northeastern – 17 students)
Fall 2022: Black Popular Music (Northeastern – 18 students in-person)
Summer 2022: Black Popular Music (Northeastern – 96 students fully asynchronous)
Spring 2017: Self & Lyric - Reading and Composition (UC Berkeley-20 students)
Spring 2016: Public Understanding of Science (UC Berkeley-80 students; 20 per section)

* 2011-2012: Academic Tutor, Athletic Study Center (UC Berkeley; 7 student-athletes)
2003-06: Humanities Instructor (Harold Washington College- 200 students; 40 per class)
Arts & Ideas, Music, Drama & Philosophy, African Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion)

* Summer 2003: Comparative Religion (Prairie State Community College – 30 students)         

Graduate Level                                 
Spring 2024: Design for Behavior and Experience (Northeastern-13 students)
Spring 2015: Digital Pedagogy in Secondary English Instruction (GSE-20 students)
Fall 2014: Urban Education (GSE-20 students)

Supervision of Undergraduate Students

Summer-Fall 2023: Angela Rhee (Co-Op Research Assistant - Game Design)
Summer-Fall 2023: Natalie Chen (Co-Op Research Assistant - Design Evaluation)
Fall 2023:  
Jason Spaeth; Matias Dermond; Kyle FitzeGerald;Kevin McGuire; Rory King (Mechanical Engineering Senior Capstone)
Fall 2022: Meher Sukhija; Abigail McMonigal; Cristian Polanco; George Newton Torres
(Mechanical Engineering Senior Capstone)

Supervision of Graduate Students
Summer-Fall 2023: Jane Effanga (Co-Op Research Assistant - Design Evaluation)
Summer-Fall 2023: Kevin Zhan (Co-Op Research Assistant - Game Design)
Summer 2022: Marcelo Trisano (Teaching Assistant - Black Popular Music)

PhD Student Advising
Alayt Abraham Issak (2022-Present; AI and Creativity);

After-School/Summer Camps 

Summer 2016: Business Of Success in Sports, Education & Leadership Institute (20 students)
Summer 2015: Advanced Concepts, Upward Bound Trio Programs (UC Berkeley; 15 students)
2012-13: Communication Technology, SMASH:Prep (14 students)

2005-07: Digital Publishing/Podcasting, Digital Youth Network (U of Chicago; 50 students)
2006/08: Voices C.A.M.P. (After School Matters/City Colleges of Chicago -18 paid apprentices)

Teacher Professional Development

Fall 2008: PD Facilitator: Technology, Equity And Culture High-schools (TEACH)
Summer 2003: Teaching Assistant: Web Institute for Teachers (University of Chicago)
2002-06: Curriculum-Technology Integration Mentor: CUIP (University of Chicago)

University and Department Service

University Presentations and Guest Lectures

2023: Soundmind Collaboratory (Jaeggi/Seitz). 1 Talk.

2023: ADVANCE – Future Faculty Fellows Seminar Series.

2022: INAM 7000 - Interdisciplinary Research in Design and Media (Loui). 1 Lecture.

2022: TIER 1 grant - Transformative Culture Project (Ingles). 1 Lecture.

2022: INAM 3200 – Creative Cognition (Loui). 1 Lecture.

2022: MUSC 1119 – Fundamentals of Western Music Theory (Gutierrez). 1 Lecture.

Service to the Institution


Northeastern Provost: Unlocking Literacy (Impact Engine), 2023-2024

Harold Washington College, President: Great Books Initiative, 2003


Northeastern CAMD: Education Innovation + XR Search Committee, 2022-23

Northeastern CAMD: PhD Recruitment & Reviewing, 2022-23

Harold Washington College: Assessment Committee, 2003-05

Harold Washington College: Disciplinary Hearing Committee, 2003-05


Northeastern Music - Peer Observation (Moore), 2023

Northeastern Art+Design - Early Decision Portfolio Review, 2022

Northeastern Music - Peer Observation (Ingles), 2022

Harold Washington College Humanities Webmaster, 2003-2006

Harold Washington College Humanities: Oasis Club (Philosophy), 2003-05

Harold Washington College: Curriculum Committee, 2003-05

Service to the Community

Dance Complex: Drumming for West African Dance classes, 2022-present

Music Is Healing: Artist Interviews & Open Rehearsals (2022-present)

City of Cambridge: STEAM It Up! Community event booth/table (2022)

Boston Children’s Museum: Created By Festival booth/table (2022)

Professional Development

2023: Developing Equitable Practices From “What Inclusive Instructors Do.” Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research (CATLR)

2022: Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE I)

2022: MacMillan Learning - Northeast Regional Summer Institute (NESI)

2020: Center for Translation of Rehabilitation Engineering Advances and Technology (TREAT)

2019: Berkeley Entrepreneurship Law & Technology (BELT)

Interests and Activities

2000-present: Free-lance web designer (b@ease solutions)

2014-present: Music Is Healing Collective Founding Artist

2010-present: Freedom Hour Radio Host/Deejay

2008-2018: Word. Sound. Life. @ Cal Student Organization Officer (LEAD Center)

Awards & Honors

2023-24: Center for Design Bridges Fellowship, Northeastern U. ($5,000)
2023-24: Humanities Center Resident Faculty Fellowship, Northeastern U. (1 course release)
2021-22: Future Faculty Fellowship, Northeastern University ($60,000)
2018-19: Faculty First Look Scholar, New York University (Travel + Lodging)
2017-18: Visiting Scholar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ($37,500)
2017: ACM C&C Graduate Student Symposium Fellow, Virginia Tech (registration + travel)
2014: UCCI Institute Fellowship, Curriculum Developer, Integrating English with ICT
2007: Graduate Opportunity Fellowship, UC Berkeley (Tuition + $10,000)
2007: Bedell Scholarship, Aspen Writers Foundation Summer Words Festival (Travel/Lodging)
2003: Discretionary Fund Fellowship, University of Chicago (Humanities Division - Tuition)
1998: Charles J. Ping Community Service Award, Ohio Campus Compact
1998: H. R. Swearer Student Humanitarian Award Nominee, National Campus Compact

Select Media Coverage

* July 2023: WBCA presents... Akwerius. Interview with Brett Rodrigues on 102.9FM Boston.

* February 2018: Interview on the air by Linda Pinkow, What’s Left, WMBR 88.1fm. MIT.

* July 2012: On-air interview and performance. Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV).

* December 2011: Planet Rap: Interview with Akwerius. Bryan Gerhart.

* Feb 2001: Black Talk Radio: Interview with Nina LaNegra on WMBR 88.1FM Cambridge