PV (also known as kwe) is the author of two books.

Dirges of Becoming


Language is the basis of our experience of reality. We find evidence of this in the naming of children at birth. Thus, in the very beginning, each one of us is literally spoken into being. Over time, we come to accept as objective fact external representations that construct our identity. Dirges of Becoming is a story of spiritual becoming, depicting life as a spiral path that takes its cue from the heart of its travelers. Like most of the poems in this book, one can hardly ever tell when it is done, nor know for sure when it has begun.
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Theory of Digital Orality: A Cultural Approach to Communication and Computer Interaction


An exploration of the cognitive, social and emotional consequences that arise from the production of rhythm in the context of culturally-grounded embodied learning environments - blending rhythmic movement and computer interaction.

In Theory of Digital Orality, Dr. P.V. Tchetgen considers the early literacy applications of rhythmic communication. He investigates, through intervention and design-based research, how the integration of drumming and rhythm-based practices (like body music) can impact children’s early literacy experiences. The essence of the argument is tied to the idea that embodied learning that uses digitally-mediated multimodal call-and-response interaction can open up the array of ways that children can, in a multiple intelligences orientation, access various kinds of learning that might not be as accessible through primarily oral or visual text-based mode of engagement with literacy activities.
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